Saturday, March 31, 2012

Penelope....Ferrits....and Some of Our Doggies

When I was growing up in our household our family was never complete without a dog. Grandma loved Yorkies and she loved naming them Misty. There was Misty I, Misty II, and of course Misty III. Grandma and Grandpa even bought me my own Yorkie when I was 12 years old. We all loved our dogs and we were all devastated when we would ever loose one.
When you were about the age of 8 and Chel was around 6 we brought our first pet home, his name was Romeo. He was the cutest Bichon puppy who we were lucky enough to have had for many years. He absolutely hated to be caged and he was an amazing escape could never keep him behind a gate or fence. I remember one time he got into some baby oil and boy that was a mess to clean up.. we tried to keep him in the kitchen while the oil went through his system, but he got out as usual. Needless to say we were more careful as to where to store the baby oil.

We did have a few other pets to amuse you both before we finally caved into getting Romeo. There was Penelope, the cockatiel, who turned out to have major psychotic behavior and started eating the feathers right off her body until she didn’t have anymore feathers on her. We finally gave her to a different home with a less stressful atmosphere. We also tried opening our home to a couple of Ferrets, named Cleo and Claudia. One evening you and Chelsey freaked out when the alarm went off and Cleo was hiding under the bed. Dad was trying to capture her and the noise of his alarm scared her, she grabbed Dad’s hand so tight with her razor sharp teeth right between his fingers and wouldn’t let go. He was yelling and trying to get her off his hand by hitting her on the carpeting. I never saw such chaos in my life! Needless to say that was the end of the ferrets, so we tried hamsters at that point. We actually had them for a while and you guys tried your hardest to fulfill your promises of taking care of them and promising to clean their cages. Of course that didn’t last too long and I would end up doing it.

We always were a multiple dog family and had at least 2 dogs and for several years we had 4 dogs. After we had Romeo for a few years we bought another Bichon named Bianca. She was so attached to me though so that's why you and Chel never liked her. Romeo and Bianca we had for 15 years or so...a long time. Also during that time we rescued Star from a boy we met at the horse show...she was the greatest therapy dog. Chel and I would take her to the nearby nursing home once a week and just drop her off to visit with the people in the Alzheimer unit. Then I would go and pick her up.... I do remember one time when visiting the different rooms of the elderly people, there was a woman who was bedridden.....when we walked in to the room Star immediately jumped up on the bed and lay next to the woman...she laid her head on the woman's arm and just lay there. I have that vision engraved in my was so sweet. I really miss Star, she was one of my favorite dogs we have ever had.

When you used to ride at Bristolwood.... Bruce Thalmans' dog had a litter of puppies and one of the last pups that needed a home you had talked us into taking. You were always so good at that...the fact that I was a pushover I guess didn't make it too difficult. Anyways, Arnold A.K.A. Arnold Shwartzapuppy became your dog and was a great dog too. His claim to fame was the fact that he could climb trees. All you would have to do it is yell, ''Go Get the Squirrel"...... point him to a tree and off he would go. He also jumped out of our backyard 6 foot fence with ease, if he so desired. He was an amazingly athletic dog...we miss all of our dogs we had from years back. I am throwing in a few current photos of Peanut and also, of course, Niblet...your pup who was your constant companion for the final year you were here.
Niblet...(Dad adopted her)

Penelope, Chelsey and Dale

Peanut as a pup
Peanut 2011

Star and Peanut



Arnold and Monica

Arnold climbing the tree in our yard.....

Romeo..the sweetest dog!

miss you......m


  1. you're right star was the best..... but you forgot to mention stella?

  2. I have never heard that ferret story! I can only imagine how funny it would have been to see in real life :)