Sunday, March 22, 2015

purple horseshoes,dead bunnies, and underwear

yeah,oh yeah, that's right, lucky charms..(i know, two days in a row with the gory titles, just keep reading it'll work:) (i'm hoping someone ate them for breakfast this morning in honor of today!) So i never really got into the whole luck thing, i just never really bought it, ya know? but there are three things that i totally believed were lucky and these be them- when i was younger (and actually, i think now too, lucky charms are my baby sisters favorite breakkie of champions) I myself never found them to be particularly magical, nor particularly delicious. Those crispy little sugar nuggets they randomly tried to pass off as marshmallows, really? marshmallows? i don't see the resemblance? maybe the 200 year old petrified ancestor of a marshmallow. and the cereal itself with it's mangled, pagan looking shapes wasn't even good...i'd way rather eat alphabits-they were the good tasting version of the the cereal part of lucky charms. lucky charms would probly make a buttload if they eliminated the cereal part altogether...anywhoo,when we sat down for breakfast and baby sis was having some charms, it would be my lucky day too:) i would dig my little kid paws into baby sis's box of luck and get four purple horshoes(ONLY four, and they had to be arranged like a standing horse-red flag!red flag!-how you say, eating disorder? ocd? danger will robinson!) and set them in front of my bowl..ahhh, what a good day:) (except that freaky little leprechan just rubbed me the wrong way..share your cereal asshole! why so stingy general mills? same with the silly rabbit! why can't he just have some trix? Share the love. i'm just sayin.) second lucky thing, while we're talking bunnies, i confess, -shudder- had a rabbits foot. that I was loved. -double shudder- you remember, - the vegan in me shudders again- (mine was purple, light on top dark on the could feel it's creepy poor little foot bones, but it was soooo soft and i got it at the airport off of one of those spinny displays with every name on key chain license plates-except for monica-much too exotic back in the day...) well that poor little dead bunny's hung on my house key and until my smelly dog had it for lunch one day, i whole heartely thought i was the luckiest six year old on the block. (tear) i'm sorry bunny. I hope you died of natural causes. (and how do they still have these? peta? beuller? they sell them on amazon! what? now i know bunnies get around the block but still, i feel guilty.) Kay third lucky these so work!(and for anyone who competes in anything, highly recommended. get yourself some good luck undies for the big game!:) quick recap-i used to ride horses...alot. read, ten a day, horsehow every weekend ride horses and i had a pair of blue silky underwear (gasp! tramp!) that i HAD to wear on any big class day (there is one problem with this scenario..big class days often require white breeches...severe panty line be damned, at least people knew i came to kick some ass.)anyways happy st. pats. my contribution and entertainment for today as promised was to represeent the green..(not that green) this green-i shot wheatgrass this top'o the morn just for sharts and giggles...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas

It's a day like today which spurs memories and makes us miss you so much! There is not a day that goes by that you are not thought of....

Wherever you are, Monica, we hope that you are happy and healthy and that you are riding Malmo across fields of glorious flowers.

Love and miss you always...m

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Will Be Back Soon!

I wanted to let my readers know that I will be taking a break from entering posts for a while. The reason I have chosen to do this is that I would like to concentrate on writing my book. Originally I thought I would be able to simultaneously do both. That is not happening since my life is filled with so many wonderful hobbies and interests. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing on Monica's Blog, more than I can express in I will now and again post, but not regularly. I want to thank all of my followers......I will be back soon, hopefully so I will be able to produce something to be proud of and will represent Monica's Life and Our Journey.......


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Memories......

This is the cake I made time and time again, it was always a big hit at Halloween.

Halloween was always your most favorite holiday. I went through all of the pictures I could find of all of us dressed up at some point in time or another.  The only costume I didn't come across was the year that you dressed up as Brittany Spears, I think was in Jr. High, but my memory is not so good these days so I'm not quite sure when it was.

Here is the Halloween Line up Photo Album.......




We miss indescribable amount......m

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Perfect Strangers...Reaching Out


After going through some of your personal belongings..... I came across some letters and papers which after having read them had totally restored my faith in humanity. I know in your day to day routine over the years when you struggled with anorexia there were people you came across while trying to live your life. You had spent so many obsessive hours at various gyms and met many nice people during the course. This letter I found was from one of those people you had met at Cardinal never shared it with me but I know you were touched by it otherwise you wouldn't have saved it. Here is the letter I came across....

After finding this letter, I wrote to Doug and thanked him for his very kind gesture towards my daughter. He wrote me back and told me how much he liked you and how kind you were. He told me that you had exchanged books with his wife because she was an avid reader, like yourself. He was so sorry to hear of your fate.....
This was given to you by some random woman in a store. She saw you and gave it to you.....I don't think you were ever in a place to call her back.  I know you appreciated it anyways. 
I do remember you telling me once, when you couldn't hide the fact that you had an eating disorder, right at the beginning of the nightmare......there was a girl who saw you riding one day, she came up to you and stopped you. She was an acquaintance of yours at the horse shows and she said to you, "Monica, don't go down this path, it won't make you happy....Please don't do it"! She pleaded with you. I feel like Anorexia had already taken hold of you.
I remember one more time when we were in an airport on our way to, I believe, California when we were stuck there having our flight detained. One of the security guards zeroed in on you and befriended you. He was tall, dark and very handsome. He noticed you and actually talked to you candidly about your illness, instead of just staring or whispering to someone about your appearance, which was very much the norm. People like this were few and far between.
I never forgot how he made you was good.





These are cards that you had for so many years, since high school. The Lips/Grapes you used as a reference and painted in pastel and gave to your friend, Schaeffer. She will cherish it forever......these all remind me so much of you!
I thought I would add this card I found from dad....
miss you incredibly much......m