Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Monica.....

So spending the entire day looking through photos from the past was a fine way to spend the day remembering and reminiscing all of the many years when you and Chel were growing up. Your family who misses you very much found comfort in being with one another on your birthday. I especially looked for birthday pictures throughout the years. Apparently in you and Chels' earlier years you hadn't aquired the fear of clowns yet, since they were a popular addition to some of your parties. Twinkles was my favorite, but she came to Chel's party that one year in our back yard of Park Ridge. Since it took an incredibly long time to scan all of these photos I wasn't about to put up Chels photos too. Perhaps on Chels birthday I will post some of hers. Well I'm glad I made this post before the end of your birthday, but not by much....... I only wish we could still be celebrating with you......but know that your spirit is all around us and there is not a day that goes by that you are not on my mind.... miss you so much.......m


  1. I love looking at all these pics! Thanks for posting them

  2. I love seeing all of these pics and remembering when... She really lit up the room with her smile and wit. I miss her all the time. thinking and crying a little, thanks a lot for posting these. D