Friday, January 27, 2012


I will admit that I went through a bit of an ''out of control'' phase after my EVP experience I explained in the last post. I just felt compelled to search for a medium that would validate the fact that you are out there for me to get in contact with. I think what I did find were several pychic individuals who all brought a little something different to the table.

The very first pychic I found on line....she was really very interesting to talk to. She knew that you had left a pet behind, she also truly believed that my EVP experience was the end of the conversation she said, "wait....I feel that you or Chelsey wear a necklace around your it a heart?....with a mother and child"? well, I couldn't believe that she knew that without ever seeing a photo of us or anything. I had never mentioned anything to give that information to her. I found the necklace that you gave me years ago for Mother's Day........ I had forgotten it in my jewelry box. I happen to find it on the day all of your family and friends gathered to say goodbye to you at your memorial and have worn it every day since.

After about a month I found another pychic medium from a list I found from Lily Dale. LD is a very high spiritual energy town on the east coast known for years and years to have lots of powerful energy. People go there to get readings from many mediums who live there. So I have found that most of the readings, they don't necessarily zero in on the person you are trying to connect with. Other spirits come and welcome them and sometimes have to find the individual you are looking for. The medium told Chel and I that a man in a military suit came to him with a name of Harold....well, grandpa's brother who died at a very early age was in the army and his name was Harold. I actually was named after him.....he also described a woman who eerily was described to the tee to grandma......after a while he established who we wanted to connect with and he told us that he felt a bloated feeling coming from your spirit. We didn't understand, but then Chel figured maybe that it represented how you always felt in life here on earth. I don't think you ever felt comfortable in your own always felt bloated or fat...anyways those reading this blog may think we are crazy for believing in all of this pychic stuff, but I am a true believer....this gentleman drew a spirit drawing of you, which we didn't think looked anything like you, but held a creepy resemblance to a friend of ours many years ago who died of complications from an eating disorder. Here is the photo........when i told him about the phone calls i received he told said,"don't' go Hollywood on me", he didn't believe it was you.

Slightly scary..huh?

The final reading we had done was a woman who I thought was a medium, yet turned out to be just a pychic. She was pretty good, but really never felt a connection to you in any way, but also told us that usually right after a person dies the energy is the strongest and one is most likely able to contact in one way or another to the physical world. As time goes on it gets more difficult....she thought it might be easier to wait at least a year before we invested in another reading. All of the reading did indicate that you really felt so sorry for all of the pain that was caused due to your illness. They didn't have to tell me that..I already knew.

It was interesting too that during the hour reading we had about 3 weird interruptions of static....she was determined that my experience with the phone calls was definitely you and also the interruption was also you channeling through......

All of the readings made me feel good afterwards and I think that is the bottom was comforting to listen to people who are committed to and believe so intensely what I want to believe is true.

I'm definitely ready for another reading...I just need to save up a little more money......

love and miss you so much.....m

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