Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Few Sports/Activities in the Early Years.........

I just came out of my craft room with lots of memories....I spent about two hours going through photos of the early years when you and Chel were so young. It just seems like another lifetime ago, if that makes sense. I really had to stop myself from posting too many pics... they are all so good..... as i have said before, i want to share everything about you on this blog....even if it takes lots of years. I just want everyone to know how wonderful you were.....and still are in our hearts. I want to be realistic too, so I guess it's true when someone leaves this world all of the negative seems to disappear and people only remember the good of that person. In my eyes you were all good....but i am of course your mom.......

So i asked dad if he had any ideas for me to write about on our blog and he suggested that i write a little about when you and your baby sis played sports as kids. I found a few pictures of the teams you guys were on. I'm not sure I remember the chronological order of which team was first, but they were all in the late 80's early 90's.

Dad always wanted you both to be golfers, since that was his passion and still is to this day....he encouraged you to go to the driving range and really had to push you to go with him. I wonder if he kind of gave up and accepted the fact that golf was not going to be the same for you guys and accepted one of the next best competitive activities......girls softball. He decided to get involved with what interested you at the time and work on golf maybe in the future. What better way than to coach you and your friends. All of chel and your friends looked upon dad as pretty scary, I think, he stood so tall, almost 6"4 and was really loud. His normal voice wasn't just a regular tone...and when he sneezed...look was piercing to the ears! I remember when you both were babies and you would be asleep on dad's chest and he would sneeze you would jump out of your skin and then quietly fall back asleep. The first impression of dad was different than when you got to know him. It didn't take long to realize that he was like a puppy dog in a hard exterior....the girls on the team really liked him and also looked up to him. He took his job very seriously and treated you guys just like the rest of the girls, no favoritism. He knew you were one of the better players and was as proud as a dad could be. Chel on the other hand wasn't quite as focused as you were and I think she was playing because.......well I'm not sure why she was playing or should I say she really liked playing in the sand in the outfield. Ill never forget the time that the ball was hit far out in left field and there was Chel doing snow angels in the dirt. I think she missed the ball, but we laughed for years about that play. okay time for another pic...

The three teams you all played on were called the "Hurricane's, Gems, Diamond Dolls, and the Flames" Just a stepping stone to the true love you both


I really wanted to put a picture of you on Dusty right here, but I am having a rough time at putting pictures on this blog...gggrrrrrr they always go to the top of the page when I want them to be at the bottom where I am writing. Oh well, it's a cute pic even though it's up top randomly. I will get it eventually, this blog stuff is all new to me......I think I may have to take a class soon!

miss you tremendously....m

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  1. It really is nice seeing Monica and Chelsey back in the good old days. I will always cherish the times we had playing softball. They were all great players. Lots of fun. Miss Monica a lot. D