Thursday, March 18, 2010

purple horseshoes, dead bunnies and underwear

yeah,oh yeah, that's right, lucky charms..(i know, two days in a row with the gory titles, just keep reading it'll work:) (i'm hoping someone ate them for breakfast this morning in honor of today!) So i never really got into the whole luck thing, i just never really bought it, ya know? but there are three things that i totally believed were lucky and these be them- when i was younger (and actually, i think now too, lucky charms are my baby sisters favorite breakkie of champions) I myself never found them to be particularly magical, nor particularly delicious. Those crispy little sugar nuggets they randomly tried to pass off as marshmallows, really? marshmallows? i don't see the resemblance? maybe the 200 year old petrified ancestor of a marshmallow. and the cereal itself with it's mangled, pagan looking shapes wasn't even good...i'd way rather eat alphabits-they were the good tasting version of the the cereal part of lucky charms. lucky charms would probly make a buttload if they eliminated the cereal part altogether...anywhoo,when we sat down for breakfast and baby sis was having some charms, it would be my lucky day too:) i would dig my little kid paws into her box of luck and get four purple horshoes.  ONLY four, and they HAD to be arranged like a standing horse (um. red flag!red flag!-how you say- eating disorder tendencies ? ocd? danger will robinson!) and set  in front of my bowl while we enjoyed our breakfast. then i would proceed to think that my day was lucky. (except that freaky little leprechan just rubbed me the wrong way..share your cereal asshole! why so stingy general mills? same with the silly rabbit! why can't he just have some trix? Share the love. i'm just sayin.) second lucky thing, while we're talking bunnies, i confess, -shudder- had a rabbits foot. that I was loved. -double shudder- you remember these? 
- the vegan in me shudders again- (mine was purple, light on top dark on the could feel it's creepy poor little foot bones, but it was soooo soft and i got it at the airport off of one of those spinny displays with every name on key chain license plates-except for monica-much too exotic back in the day...) well that poor little dead bunny's toes hung on my house key and until my smelly dog had it for lunch one day, i whole heartely thought i was the luckiest six year old on the block. (tear) i'm sorry bunny. I hope you died of natural causes. (and how do they still have these? peta? bueller? they sell them on amazon! what? now i know bunnies get around the block, maybe they drive little bunny cars that say

but still, i feel guilty.) Kay third lucky these so work-and for anyone who competes in anything, highly recommended. get yourself some good luck undies for the big game. :) quick recap-i used to ride horses...alot. read, ten a day, horsehow every weekend.  i had a pair of blue silky underwear (gasp! tramp!) that i HAD to wear on any big class day (there is one problem with this scenario..big class days often require white breeches...severe panty line be damned, at least people knew i came to kick some ass.)and on that note, my contribution and entertainment for today as promised was to represeent the green..
not that green                                                                                             this green.

top o' the morn! just for sharts and giggles i did a shot. yum. wheatty. what the big boys eat. no irish car bombs for me- (have you guys ever done that?  it seems like it would be sort of like shoving an entire loaf of bread down you throught at once,no?)  also as homage to the saint... gratutitious cabbage innards...cabbage only seems right to me if it is ridiculously over boiled and cut in a wedge like that.  lucky me.               
I also shamrocked my socks with this guy....are you gettin' this camera guy? can I get a sham wow up in here?  i used a chunk of  fu' (thanks for everything julie newmar)almond  milk, spinaca, aka, natural food coloring, peppermint and vanilla x, like an eighth tsp. xanthum, and he who shall remain unamed that comes in yellow packets. (can I please get a hook up nu-naturals now  that i have a blog? c'mon:) into the bullet, said a few words..  mmm.magically delish.  
also over in the pea house yesterday, mama seemed to want to have a dinner party at her old laptop...yes please, may I have reservations at eight? raisins and crumbs you say?  I'll take two orders!  anything served at your house I want! but anyways, i laughed to myself when i read her post because i was going to ask if you guys if your cameras  perpetually smelled like peanut butter or if it was just me.... (mp- just wanted to let you know i feel much better. even though i don't have small children.  just me. okay never mind, i don't feel that much better.) any ways i made some greepea guac in lou:) 
 looks disgusting. tasted good. 
tasted better after a good green dousing of this..o' happy st pats.  do you guys and dolls have any tips for picture arrangement? it takes me forever, then i can post in a more timely fashion:) right now i feel unfashionably late.  more pees and ques. for today..fess up-who got lucky?  anyone get plastered? okay, okay, just tell me what your lucky charm was/is.
ps. i really am just curious about who got lucky, so spill.
pps. i really hated that leprechan.


  1. I love the fact that you used to be an avid rider too! Although I never had specific blue panties that accompanied me at each ride... I DID however have special socks :P Sometimes I would forget to wash them and they would be so dirty but I just HAD to wear them :P Maybe OCD among riders is more common than we think?

    I always HATED lucky charms.. and fruit loops. Ugh.. even thinking about them now grosses me out. I'm a honey nut cheerios girl through and through!

    <3 Tat

    Ps.. As for the picture dilemma, I would suggest moving to wordpress ;) I started with a blogger blog, and wordpress is so much easier to manage!

  2. cute blog name and header! love all the green in this post! and the commenter above me is right..wordpress is where it's at!

  3. im so jealous of your magic bullet!