Sunday, June 3, 2012

School Notes From Friends & Random Photos

So here is the canister that houses tons of notes from 5th grade on through Jr. High, all written from your friends at school. I wonder how many people actually save stuff like this......well, I actually am one of those people too! I thought I would post just a few of them, they are funny. (don't forget you can double click on pages and it will enlarge.)

In the canister I also found a note that you never sent to one of your best friends from high school. There are others too that I found which never were sent. I'm not sure why...... but "better late than never".......
After reading this note, it makes it so evident how one of Anorexia's devastating symptoms isolates one from their friends and life in general. It becomes an obsession where it's difficult to have relationships with people when the eating disorder takes over.
Let me assure you that you were a wonderful friend! Your friends seemed to understand, but really didn't know what to do...there is no blame to put on anyone. Bad things happen to good people...all the time!

I came across some photos and decided to add them to this post.....they are random and I will explain each one....

You and I in the pool at the apartments in Des Plaines..just after the post partum blues went away. I couldn't have been happier.....

These were taken right after we returned from Florida, after visiting you during your grooming job. The trainer you went with begged us to take you home and get you to a doctor a.s.a.p. since she thought you had an eating disorder. It was the very beginning of the nightmare.

This picture was taken on your way to Florida at that same trip. You were so exited and when you got there absolutely hated it! You were supposed to stay for 6 weeks and came home with us after just 3 weeks.
 This is one of my favorite photos of you....this is at one of the year end horse show banquets with some of your friend you rode with...can't remember which banquet though....definitely during happy years!
 You guys went to Cancun for your high school had a blast, I can't believe I allowed you to go....also where you got your tattoo....can't believe I let you do that too. You were 18 so I guess I didn't have a choice, but I do remember you asking me if I wouldn't mind and you called me to ask me if it would be okay. I never could say no to you!

 This photo was taken in front of Aunt Sue & Uncle Jim's house in Frederick, Md. during one of our family vacations. We have so many fond memories of those days.
We are standing in front of the entrance way of my cousin Debbie's house. She had a BBQ and the entire family got together. (I think the reflection is kind of get different views of our faces.)
 Also one of my favorite photos...Kix (Kid Tested Mother Approved), in his prime...during a horse show. You absolutely loved Chelsey's horse, Kix and this photo says it all!
I'm pretty sure this is Chelsey..........

I'm pretty sure this is you........(with a nylon stocking on your head. It used to make the dogs go crazy).

When we were crazy enough to have 4 dogs at was a zoo at our house for a while. I think this is the only pic we have where they are all in one photo. (my arm too)
Here is another rare photo to include all of us on horses at the same time.

(Hey I warned you these were random)......I love this one of Chel dressed as Lady Godiva in one of the Halloween shows at Canterbury Farm.
 Here we all were taking one of the few professional family photos that exist. I remember wanting one for the longest time and waiting until you got better, so we could all look our best. I waited for years and years and you kept getting worse not better. I finally decided to do it anyways and for my birthday we went and had it done. Peanut kept trying to escape the studio, it was pretty comical.
We are at Erick (my brothers') wedding in Seattle. You were not a happy little girl that day, I recall. You looked cute anyways, both of you with your perms......(oh me was the 80's)

Here is our house in Arlington Heights, where we lived for 20 years. Our first house...lots of memories happened in this house which I will cherish forever.

Your baby sis.........

We miss you so much.......m

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